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CreArray Superior® Custom Peptide/Protein Microarrays

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For your high throughput protein interaction screening and ligand binding assays, Creative Biolabs offers a unique, personalized service using our CreArray Superior® Customizable Peptide/Protein Microarrays. CreArray Superior® Customizable Peptide/Protein Microarrays can scale up your assays for much less in-house labor and consumable costs. More importantly, it can bestow statistical power, while the tradition ELISAs never can achieve.

In principle, our CreArray Superior® Customizable Peptide/Protein Microarray service works similarly to ELISA and other ligand binding assays. However, it enables better sensitivity with lower cost. Additionally, it allows various set-up options as per a plate-based ligand binding assay for direct assays, sandwich assays, bridging assays, etc. Moreover, your existing assay protocols can be simply transferred to our CreArray Superior® Customizable Peptide/Protein Microarrays platform, and you only need to supply us with the protein/antibodies/sera.

Figure 1. Assay set-up options

CreArray Superior® achieves full compatibility for overlapping peptide libraries and proteins, and utilizes a flexible peptide synthesis platform to enable printing of arrays optimized for specific applications. Furthermore, it ensures greater uniformity of spot morphology between proteins and peptides, reduces background signal and improves assay performance in sensitivity, dynamic range, and variance.

CreArray Superior® peptide/protein array platform is comparable in analytical performance to MSD® technology and outperforms ECL ELISA assays, while at the same time, it can detect tens of thousands of interactions in a single run. More importantly, it only requires microliter amounts of sample for each analysis, so that to enable projects using limited amounts of samples that are simply impossible to carry out with 96-well plate-based assays.

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