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DARPin Scaffold Library Construction

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Creative Biolabs provides custom scaffold library construction services for DARPin, a non-immunological alternative for traditional Ig-based scaffolds. Our innovative scientists have developed a powerful HiAffi™ phage display platform for the generation of scaffold libraries with satisfactory controllability and operability.

DARPins (an acronym for designed ankyrin repeat proteins) are a novel class of small nonimmunoglobulin protein scaffold derived from natural ankyrin repeat proteins. Ankyrin repeat proteins are one of the most common binding proteins in nature and responsible for diverse functions, such as cell signaling and receptor binding. The basic structure of ankyrin repeat proteins are formed by a β-turn followed by two antiparallel α-helices and a loop connected to the β-turn of the next repeat. DARPin is composed of a number of repeat motifs proteins, usually consists of four or five repeats, which is about 14 kDa or 18 kDa.

DARPins are featured by their large and modular target interaction surfaces. A unique feature of such surfaces is that they can be adapted to the target size by adjusting the number of repeats in the protein. Successful examples with high affinity against a variety of targets have been reported. It is suggested that DARPins are suited not only for novel fusions and conjugates and extracellular targeting use, but also for intracellular applications, because of their high thermodynamic stability, reversible folding behavior, high solubility, high yield in E. coli, the absence of cysteines and low aggregation tendencies. Therefore, DARPins is considered to offer advantages over antibodies in the discovery and development of drug therapy.

Based on our proprietary Hi-Affi™ phage display platform, Creative Biolabs is able to rapidly generate DARPin libraries with desired diversity, or thousands of multi-DARPins. The diversity of formats and robustness of these multi-DARPins have great potential to overcome a limitation of current therapeutic approaches for a chosen disease. This will again significantly speed up the R&D process in drug invention. DARPins library construction service of Creative Biolabs with randomized potential target interaction residues resulting in diversity of over 1010 variants have been generated through our phage display technology, which satisfies most research needs.

Features of our Hi-Affi™ platform:

• Scalable production of libraries
• Controllable mutagenesis
• Applicable to high-throughput methods
• Large library capacity
• Fast turnaround time

Creative Biolabs commits to the research and development of scaffold protein area. Combining with our well-recognized Hi-Affi™ phage display platform, our scientists are confident in offering 100% precise mutant library construction with the expected size of over 1010 to meet our global clients’ most specific research objective.

DARPin Scaffold Library Construction
Fig. 1 Crystal structure of anti-IL4 DARPin 44C12V5. (PDB ID: 4YDW)
DARPin Scaffold Library Construction
DARPin Scaffold Library Construction

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