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CreMap™ Epitope Mapping on a Microfluidic Peptide Microarray

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Creative Biolabs has set up an advanced microfluidic microarray platform for the high-throughput epitope mapping or other immunoassays, and several types of microarray such as microfluidic networks microarray, disc-based microfluidic microarray, microbeads microfluidic microarray are available for your choice.

The microarray is an important technology in the field of disease diagnostics and epitope mapping. Compared to microtitre-based immunoassay, the major benefits of the microarray are multiplexity (a couple thousand spots in low-density array to 50,000 spots in high-density arrays), low sample volumes, robustness, and rapid methods.

Microarray technology has benefitted the scientific and clinical community by enabling quick, low-volume analysis of samples. However, like microtitre plate-based methods, microarray methods are bulk-dependent and are diffusion-limited. To overcome these shortcomings, new microarray development technologies were developed by the introduction of microfluidics-based approaches. In these approaches, recognition elements or probes are first spotted on the surface using conventional methods then a microfluidic cartridge is aligned on the spotted chip for delivering analytes over those spots. Microfluidics has thus provided an edge over conventional approaches of microarray development. The simplicity of this method is very cost effective, even with the use of microfluidic systems.

The microfluidic platform developed by Creative Biolabs could be extensively used in the identification of specific substrate for a given antibody or the identification of immunodominant regions of antigens. Additionally, it can also be applied to the quantitative measurement of binding curves and performing multiplex antigen binding assays. Our microfluidic peptide microarray platform could help you understand the interaction mode between an antibody and antigen at the amino acid level, and further provide decision support in the development.

Applications of our CreMap™ Microfluidic Peptide Microarray-based Epitope Mapping Service

Brief Workflow of our CreMap™ Microfluidic Peptide Microarray-based Epitope Mapping Service

 Fig.1 Schematic illustration of microfluidic array. Fig.1 Schematic illustration of microfluidic array.


  1. Xiaobo Yu, et al. “µFBI: A Microfluidic Bead-Based Immunoassay for Multiplexed Detection of Proteins from a µL Sample Volume.” PLOS ONE 5 (2010): e13125.

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