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Epitope Mapping by 3D-EM

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3D-EM combines the power of electron microscopy (EM) and bioinformatics to provide a new method for both linear and conformational epitope mapping. Epitope mapping by 3D-EM only requires a very small amount of the antibody/antigen complex, much smaller than what X-ray crystallography takes. Creative Biolabs guarantees you result within one month at the best price.

3D-EM-based model docking and epitope analysis of HA-7Fig. 1 3D-EM-based model docking and epitope analysis of HA-7. (Du et al. 2013)”

Du, L., Jin, L., Zhao, G., Sun, S., Li, J., Yu, H., Li, Y., Zheng, B.-J., Liddington, R. C. and Zhou, Y. (2013) 'Identification and structural characterization of a broadly neutralizing antibody targeting a novel conserved epitope on the influenza virus H5N1 hemagglutinin', Journal of virology, 87(4), 2215-2225.

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