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Epitope Mapping by X-ray Crystallography

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The gold standard approach, also the most unambiguous method for epitope mapping, is X-ray co-crystallography. X-ray co-crystallography allows mapping of both linear and conformational epitopes. By co-crystallizing the monoclonal antibody with its respective antigen, the epitope can be defined immediately with high accuracy.

Staffed by dedicated scientists with combined expertise in antibody engineering and protein X-ray crystallography, Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in crystallizing antibody/antigen complexes and resolving their 3D structures. In particular, we are able to map the epitopes of a large variety of antibody forms, including intact IgG, Fab, scFv, F(ab')2, diabody, minibody, miniantibody, tandem scFv and single domain antibody as well as protein A scaffold.

Please refer to our website at Creative Biolabs for more information regarding resolving the structure of an antigen/antibody complex.

Epitope Mapping by X-ray Crystallography

Structure of APS Kinase co - crystallized with ligands ADP and APS Structure of APS Kinase co - crystallized with ligands ADP and APS.

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