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Epitope Mapping by Peptide Libraries

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Peptide library or array based epitope mapping uses a library of oligo-peptide sequences from overlapping and non-overlapping segments of a target protein and tests for their ability to bind the antibody of interest. This method is fast and relatively inexpensive, and specifically suited to profile epitopes for large number of candidate antibodies against a defined target.

Epitope Mapping by Peptide Libraries

Creative Biolabs provides phage display based Bio-fishing Platform to offer linear epitope mapping service. Of note, we have two random phage display peptide libraries that were constructed in house using Trimer Codon technology: TriCo-16™ Phage Display Peptide Library, TriCo-20™ Phage Display Peptide Library. Our linear epitope mapping can also be performed using NEB Ph.D.™-7 and Ph.D.™-12 Phage Display Peptide Libraries. Compared with the commonly employed linear epitope mapping strategy of overlapping peptide arrays (chemically synthesized combinatorial peptide libraries), our phage display peptide libraries have a much greater diversity of the peptides and provide a method in which signals from individual peptides can be amplified for multiple rounds, thus significantly enhance the possibility of isolating the peptide of the perfect match.

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