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HLA Tissue Typing

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Creative Biolabs provides the most comprehensive and highly accurate human leukocyte antigen (HLA) tissue typing service in the market. SIAT® HLA tissue typing service is composed by series of systematically integrated assays to help customers acquire complicated HLA allele information for both academic research and clinical application.

HLA loci are some of the most genetically variable coding ones in human genome. The variation of HLA genes takes an essential part in HLA’s function in regulating immune response. However, it is also a causative factor in various human diseases, or medical applications. Hence, it would be greatly helpful for the researchers to make an accurate and precise interpretation of the information within HLA genes through HLA typing.

Figure: Structure of MHC (HLA) I and II molecules

SIAT® HLA tissue typing service offers HLA typing assays covering three main levels:

Serological typing: A low cost and fast method by mimicking the future transplantation. Direct feedback provides answers for whether donor-recipient pairs are matched or not.

Cellular typing: Mixed lymphocyte reaction-based typing methods. It is not only able to assess the potential cellular response between donor-recipient pairs in the future transplantation, but also drugs or implantable materials.

Sequencing typing: Unlike previous cell-dependent methods, these methods relies on analyzing sequence encoding HLA of interest in great detail. Highlighted by its high resolution, unbeatable accuracy and thorough readout of desired immune information, sequencing typing has become the new gold standard for HLA typing.

SIAT® HLA provides up-to-date HLA sequencing services, which meet specific requirements in sequencing resolution, time, budget, and research objectives. As a detailed example, we use PCR-SSO/SSP, which can perfectly balance the quality of data, time and cost. It is highly recommended for almost all typing requests. For further analyses, modules of SIAT® HLA based on the Next-Generation Sequencing are ready for a more confidently precise analyze. This approach is capable for typing 11 HLA loci in less than 4 days to a specific 4-digit allele resolution.

With rich experience and strong technical foundation, our SIAT® HLA service delivers not only the high quality typing data, but also suggestions for the upcoming steps of your projects.

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