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HiTS® High Throughput & Resolution Epitope Mapping System

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With over a decade rich experience in epitope mapping, in conjunction with advanced molecular technology, Creative Biolabs has established our unique HiTS® High Throughput and Resolution Epitope Mapping System, to accelerate your epitope identification process in the journey of developing novel medicine and diagnostics.

Epitope mapping is a process of experimentally identifying the binding sites, or immunodominant regions (epitopes), of antibodies on their target antigens. It provides useful information in identification and characterization of the binding sites of a given antibody. Therefore, it has become one of the key elements in the discovery and development of new therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics. According to FDA and EMEA guidelines, molecular analysis of the interaction site between a therapeutic drug and its target is required for drug development.

Figure 1. Peptide epitope of CD20 bound to Rituximab's FAB (

Creative Biolabs provides high throughput, high resolution (down amino acid scale), specific, but cost-effective, comprehensive epitope mapping services, which include:

  1. Epitope mapping on microfluidic peptide microarray
  2. CreArray Superior® Custom Peptide/Protein Microarrays
  3. CreHTS® High-Resolution Shotgun Mutagenesis

Our high throughput and high-resolution epitope mapping approaches enable the following applications:

  1. Identify specific substrate for a known antibody
  2. Identification of peptides for immunization
  3. Protein-protein interaction screen
  4. Mapping of functional domains
  5. Identify immunodominant regions in antigens

Our well-defined, easily controllable and high-throughput epitope mapping technologies allows reduction of samples to be tested. Additionally, it scales up your assays for much less labor and consumable costs but enables better sensitivity.


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