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Membrane Transport Proteins

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Creative Biolabs now can provide bespoke membrane transport protein related service, which could greatly reinforce your research power.

Membrane transport protein, a complex category of integral membrane protein, mediates the in-and-out of molecules through the membrane. Membrane transport protein could be classified into three major categories: ATP-powered pumps, Channel proteins and Transporters.

ATP-powered pumps transport small molecules or ions through the membrane against the electrochemical gradient, which is a process termed active transportation. The pumps are ATPases and the energy needed for active transport is from the hydrolysis of ATP. Examples in this category include Na+/K+-ATPase and mitochondrial ATP synthase.

Channel proteins transport ions (see ion channel protein ), water, or other small molecules down the electrochemical gradient, in an energetically favorable manner. Examples in this category include voltage-gated ion channel, aquaporin and gramicidin.

Transporters convey the movement of a wide range of molecules. Each type of transporter specifically binds one or several molecules at a time, and undergoes conformational change in order to import or export molecules.

Membrane transport proteins mediate broad spectrum of biological processes, including but not limited to impulse conduction, signal transduction, nutrients uptake, cell proliferation, immune regulation and tumor genesis. Owing to its importance, membrane transport proteins gain increasing interest in the basic research and bio-pharmaceutical project, aiming to understand the fundament of life and triumph over diseases.

Giving the credit to our leading membrane protein research team, Creative Biolabs developed advanced techniques and platforms:

Cell-based expression

Cell-free expression

Virus-like Particle/Lipoparticle

EBEE™ technique

Creative Biolabs provides customized membrane protein expression and membrane antibody preparation service to meet your unique demand.

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