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REDS® Rapid B Cell Linear Epitope Mapping

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Based on our comprehensive and novel REDS® (Rapid Epitope Discovery System), Creative Biolabs performs rapid and precise mapping of B cell linear epitopes in any protein or polypeptide sequence using antibody or antisera.

The specific linear peptide segments from any larger protein that bind to antibodies in a given sample can be identified using immunoassay technology. Our REDS® assays use high-quality peptides in 96-well plate format or high-density CreArray Superior® Custom Peptide Microarrays.

Our REDS® Rapid B Cell Linear Epitope Mapping can be applied for, but is not limited to:

  1. Defying and ranking of individual linear epitopes in an antigen
  2. Identifying peptides for immunization
  3. Discovery of cross-reactive determinants between related proteins
  4. Defying strongly antigenic regions in proteins
  5. Comparing different serovars or subtypes in terms of their relevant antigenicity
  6. Combining linear epitope mapping with epitope prediction
  7. Characterizing the contribution of individual amino acids to the binding interaction

Our Ph.D level scientists use immunoassay technology to identify the specific linear peptide segments from any larger protein binding to antibodies. In addition to Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), B cell Epitope mapping assays can be accomplished quickly using well-defined, easily controllable, high-throughput approaches.

We also can synthesize an overlapping peptide library with a specific peptide length and offset if the antibody-binding region of the protein is not clear. With our superior epitope mapping expertise and rich experience, the specific linear protein segments from peptide binding to antibodies in a sera or plasma sample can be identified. Our service offers cost-effective solutions to customer, which ranges from small-scale to large-scale peptides binding to proprietary antibodies samples to fit customer a wide range of project requirements.

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