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REDS® T Cell Epitope Discovery System

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Creative Biolabs provides a novel technology REDS® to discovery potential T cell epitopes within only four weeks. This technology platform greatly save your time and cost to discovery T cell epitope rapidly.

Our highly talented scientists identify new CD4+ and CD8+ T cell epitopes which can be applied as core components for vaccine development or as potential new targets for immunotherapy. We provide T cell epitope discovery service including MHC Class I – peptides, MHC Class II – peptides binding assays and on- and off-rate binding assays. In addition, Creative Biolabs can offer MHC Class I Pentamers to customer using a rapid and cost effective synthesis method. We deliver a full technical report with all possible data ranging from MHC Class I service including Pentamers that pass the quality control (QC) and conclusive validation of novel CD8+ T cell epitopes using flow cytometry and the special assessment.

Features of this technology platform:

The shortest time: We can complete MHC-peptide binding assay in a week and also perform several alleles in parallel. We can produce MHC Class I Pentamers in another week.

Comprehensive information: We provide customer MHC Class I rate assays binding specific peptides of your interest to better understand their kinetics.

One stop service: Once we received the request of customers, you just wait a couple of days for the report without any other purchase.

Flexible: Customer can choose any or all of the peptides provided by us or their own peptides. On- and off-rate binding assays of MHC Class I can be ordered later if required.

Competitive price: Creative Biolabs offers this integrated system of rapid epitope discovery at a competitive price.

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