In the era of science and technology, the upgrading of biotechnology has brought many changes to the industry, such as antibody services. As is known, antibody drugs have been the public concern in recent years, which has a great economic and social value. As one of the biotechnology drugs, antibody drugs have made great achievements in the treatment of cancers, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, and so on. Considering the given fact, bio-pharmaceutical industry is greatly promising.

biologySince the biotechnology has developed rapidly, biotherapy is worthy of focus. Nowadays, biotherapy comes into the period of change. As is seen, the development of biological drugs has raised much attention both at home and abroad, but it only accounts for 10% in the market among all types of drugs. Maybe such condition will be improved in the future. Taking America as an example, it’s reported that more than 900 biological drugs are waiting for FDA’s approval, accounting for a quarter in terms of the total number of new drugs. In addition, in the top ten drugs, six are antibody drugs.

Currently, the bio-pharmaceutical industry is entering a major period of change. Actually, the change can be regarded as a huge opportunity, so the biotechnology companies can promote the development of antibody industry while at the same time can seek their own development as well. Information technology and new business models can make great contribution. As for the advance of biotherapy, it is significant in the individual treatment of serious diseases, because it is consistent with the concept of accurate and individualized treatment.

To be more general, biotherapy has a variety of models, including immunotherapy (cells, cytokines, antibodies, etc.), gene therapy, targeted drugs, angiogenesis therapy, and so on. Taking the immunotherapy as an instance, it has obtained some new elements like genome. In addition, with the support of mature genome sequencing, scientists are trying to find out how to apply genomic information into immunotherapy, such as the sequencing in tumor cells that requires personalized treatment. Therefore, what we should do is to believe biotechnology will change our life in the future. Biotherapy will promote the future cancer treatment.