In recent years, an increasing number of researchers have payed attention to the modern advance of scFv, such as its clinical applications, practical functions, and so on. As for such issue, people hold various ideas. Some think scFv is significant in pharmaceuticals while others who against the idea by saying that it might has some serious side effects. For me, the latest research progresses in scFv have been meaningful to people’s life.

260px-Heavy_chain_and_common_antibody.svgGenerally speaking, scFv owns some special characteristics in a wide range of areas. In fact, scFv can be regarded as a kind of new recombinant protein, because it can combine the heavy chain and light chain in antibody’s variable region together through the elastic short peptide that is composed of 15 to 25 amino acid residues. Specifically, scFv is the smallest structure unit, with a parent antibody. Briefly, it has various advantages, such as small molecular, strong penetration on tumor, short bloodstream period, low immunogen, and so on.

Actually, in recent years, scFv has stepped into a new era because of its modern research progress. Taking monovalent single-chain antibody as an example, some scientists have found scFv in E.coli can be spontaneously folded into a native conformation, owing a extremely similar antigen affinity as the intact antibody, which can be obtained through cell expression. Specifically, using oligo nucleotides with encoded elastic short peptides to connect some crucial elements together and then insert the combined substance into prokaryotic cell expression.

In practice, Challdhary includes several other scientists successfully prepared the single-chain antibody in pseudomonas exotoxin in 1990; the expressed immunotoxins can recognize and then kill those cells that carry OVB3 antigen. Since then, more and more scientists have stressed such research and have made great achievements as well. For example, some researchers begin to take further steps in trying to use yeast or plant cells to conduct the practical express. They have realize great success in the subsequent ten years. However, even if massive achievements have been realized, we should keep the advance, because only in this way can the biotechnology benefits people’s modern life to a larger degree.