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Immunologic analysis has played an important role in drug screening and development, as well as in safety assessment. As a service provider in immunogenicity testing, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to offering a wide spectrum of SIAT® 3D tissue models services to illustrate the drug-disease bioactivity and mechanism of action. With our extensive experience and advanced platform, we have won a good reputation among our worldwide customers for successfully accomplishing numerous challenging projects in this filed. We guarantee the finest results for our customers all over the world.

Introduction to 3D Tissue Models

Various immune responses in specific tissues or organs have been observed in a number of diseases. Pilot studies have also demonstrated that these responses play an important role in regulating disease progress and drug efficacy. Although humanized or transgenic animal models have been developed to investigate human disease pathology, the data derived from many studies have shown that the mechanism of human diseases can not be completely simulated by these models. As a consequence, a wide collection of cell model technologies have been generated for evaluating cell biology in vitro, including two-dimensional (2D) cell models and three-dimensional (3D) tissue models.

Recent researchers have revealed that the 3D tissue model is an effective strategy for assessing the cell function at tissue or organ levels. In general, this method can create novel 3D organ-level structures basing on different engineered constructs, such as chemical cues. In recent years, the 3D tissue model has shown its potential in the field of drug screening, disease therapy, and immunologic analysis. In order to improve the expression of tissues, a series of microfabrication techniques, for example, lithography, microcontact printing, as well as 3D printing, have been widely used in 3D tissue model systems. In particular, 3D printed in vitro tissue models can precisely locate tissue-specific cell microenvironments and can support tissue differentiation, tissue integration, and spatiotemporal reaction, which has been considered as substitute for animal models in drug discovery, safety evaluation, and immunologic analysis.

SIAT® 3D Tissue Model Services. Fig.1 SIAT® 3D Tissue Model Services.

The SIAT® 3D Tissue Models Services

To mimic natural cell biology, a full range of 3D tissue models have been designed to replace traditional cell culture environments. Recent studies have indicated that 3D tissue models provide a suitable microenvironment for in vitro cell growth, cell differentiation, and cell production. As a consequence, Creative Biolabs has designed and developed a panel of state-of-art technologies that enable our clients to discover new drugs and evaluate the immunogenicity in clinical applications. Our 3D tissue models allow human cells to grow and thrive in a natural environment. We have implemented different types of tissue cultures and have generated a variety of 3D models, such as liver, cartilage, skin tissue models. For instance, the ionizing radiation-induced DNA damage/repair has been evaluated by immunological analysis of DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair proteins in 3D human skin models. The results suggest that the EpiDerm skin tissue model is a perfect 3D model that has similar in vivo morphology and growth characteristics, and has high uniformity and repeatability. Additionally, in vitro 3D printing and tissue engineering assays have also been constructed to replace the usage of animal models in pre-clinical studies.

Staining of 3D tissue model with SI nanoparticle probe. Fig.2 Staining of 3D tissue model with SI nanoparticle probe. (Bardsley, 2017)

Creative Biolabs is specialized in constructing human three-dimensional (3D) tissues. We have developed many alternative human test systems that mimic the complex characteristics of the body. These test systems are based on in vitro cultured primary cells, cell lines. We are also dedicated to designing and performing high-quality immunologic analysis assays, with different formats, endpoints, parameters, to satisfy any specific requirement at the most competitive price. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry.


  1. Bardsley, K., et al. Current State-of-the-Art 3D Tissue Models and Their Compatibility with Live Cell Imaging. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2017, 1035: 3-18.

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