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Affilin Library Construction

Scientists from Creative Biolabs are professional in the construction of affilin libraries. We work closely with our customers to design each project and generate affilin libraries developed based on our customers’ individual requirements.


Affilins, as engineered proteins with the ability to selectively bind antigens, are derived from either γ-B-crystallin or ubiquitin, both of which occur in humans. Affilins are built by genetically modifyed near-surface amino acids of these proteins and isolated by display techniques. A molecular library of affilins is generated by random mutagenesis. Depending on which amino acids are swapped, substitution of certain amino acids in these proteins won’t lose their structural integrity, creating regions capable of binding different antigens.

γ-B-crystallin scaffold, showing the Cα trace (blue) and the accessible surface area (red).

Creative Biolabs’ proprietary HiAffi™ platform combines display techniques such as phage display and ribosome display with High-throughput screening (HTS) techniques in selection of affilins bind the desired target protein. Our libraries features:

• Scalable production of libraries
• Controllable mutagenesis
• Applicable to high-throughput methods
• Large library capacity
• Fast turnaround time

Experienced researchers from Creative Biolabs have rich know-how to select affilin-based binders from highly diverse libraries. Fast delivery and efficient service are guaranteed.

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