Robatumumab (TAB-209)

Anti-Human IGF1 Receptor Recombinant Antibody TAB-209 1mg Please Inquiry


  • Product Overview
  • Recombinant monoclonal antibody to IGF1 Receptor. Robatumumab (proposed INN) is a monoclonal antibody and an antineoplastic by Schering-Plough. It binds to CD221, the insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor.
  • Target
  • IGF1 Receptor
  • Type
  • IgG1 - kappa
  • Immunogen
  • The details of the immunogen for this antibody are not available.
  • Species Reactivity
  • Human
  • Expression Host
  • CHO
  • Applications
  • Suitable for use in FuncS, IF, Neut, ELISA, FC, IP, WB and most other immunological methods.
  • CAS
  • 934235-44-6
  • Specific Activity
  • Tested positive against native human antigen.
  • Protein Construction
  • Immunoglobulin G1-kappa, anti-[Homo sapiens insulin-like growth factor I receptor (IGF-1R, CD221)], Homo sapiens monoclonal antibody; gamma1 heavy chain (1-448) [Homo sapiens VH (IGHV3-48*03 (87.80%) -(IGHD)-IGHJ6*01) [8.7.12] (1-118) -IGHG1*01 (119-448)], (221-214")-disulfide with kappa light chain (1"-214") [Homo sapiensV-KAPPA (IGKV3-20*01 (83.30%) -IGKJ1*01) [6.3.9] (1"-107") -IGKC*01] (108"-214"); (227-227"":230-230"")-bisdisulfide dimer
  • Predicted N terminal
  • H chain: EVQLVQS; L chain: EIVLTQS
  • Molecular Weight
  • 144600
  • Purity
  • >95.0% as determined by analysis by RP-HPLC.
  • Size
  • 1mg
  • Storage
  • Store at -20°C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.


  • Antigen Description
  • Receptor tyrosine kinase which mediates actions of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1). Binds IGF1 with high affinity and IGF2 and insulin (INS) with a lower affinity. The activated IGF1R is involved in cell growth and survival control. IGF1R is crucial for tumor transformation and survival of malignant cell. Ligand binding activates the receptor kinase, leading to receptor autophosphorylation, and tyrosines phosphorylation of multiple substrates, that function as signaling adapter proteins including, the insulin-receptor substrates (IRS1/2), Shc and 14-3-3 proteins.
  • Function
  • ATP binding; identical protein binding; insulin binding; insulin receptor binding; insulin receptor substrate binding; insulin-like growth factor I binding; insulin-like growth factor binding; insulin-like growth factor-activated receptor activity; nucleo
  • Synonyms
  • IGF1R; insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor; CD221; IGFIR; IGFR; JTK13; MGC18216; IGF-I receptor; soluble IGF1R variant 1; soluble IGF1R variant 2; insulin-like growth factor I receptor; MGC142170; MGC142172;

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