anetumab ravtansine (TAB-H04)

Anti-Human MSLN Recombinant Antibody TAB-H04 1mg Please Inquiry


  • Product Overview
  • Recombinant human antibody to Human MSLN. Anetumab ravtansine is a novel mesothelin-targeting antibody-drug conjugate cures tumors with heterogeneous target expression favored by bystander effect.
  • Type
  • IgG1 - lambda
  • Species Reactivity
  • Human
  • Expression Host
  • CHO
  • Applications
  • Suitable for use in FC, IP, ELISA, Neut, FuncS, IF, WB and most other immunological methods.
  • CAS
  • 1375258-01-7
  • Specific Activity
  • MSLN(mesothelin, pre-pro-megakaryocyte-potentiating factor, megakaryocyte potentiating factor, MPF, CAK1) [Homo sapiens]
  • Protein Construction
  • Uses Immunogen TAP technologygamma1 heavy chain (1-450) [Homo sapiens VH (IGHV5-51*01 (94.90%) – (IGHD) – IGHJ4*01) [8.8.13] (1-120) -IGHG1*01 (CH1 (121-218), hinge(219-233), CH2 (234-343), CH3 (344-448), CHS (449-450)) (121-450)], (223-216') – disulfide withlambda light chain (1'-217') [Homo sapiens V- LAMBDA (IGLV2-14*01 (95.60%) – IGLJ2*01) [9.3.11] (1'-111') – IGLC2*01 A43>G (155) (112'-217')]; dimer (229-229'':232-232'') – bisdisulfide;conjugated, on an average of 3 lysyl, to maytansinoid DM4 [N2'-deacetyl-N2'-(4-mercapto-4-methyl- 1-oxopentyl)-maytansine] via thereducible SPDB linker [N-succinimidyl 4-(2-pyridyldithio)butanoate]
  • Purity
  • Purity >95% by SDS-PAGE.


  • Antigen Description
  • This gene encodes a protein with similarity to follistatin, an activin-binding protein. It contains an FS module, a follistatin-like sequence containing 10 conserved cysteine residues. This gene product is thought to be an autoantigen associated with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Synonyms
  • MSLN; mesothelin; CAK1; MPF; CAK1 antigen; megakaryocyte potentiating factor; soluble MPF mesothelin related protein; pre-pro-megakaryocyte-potentiating factor; SMRP;

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