Anti-idiotypic Antibody Production Service Detecting BOUND Antibodies

Creative Biolabs provides anti-idiotypic antibodies detecting bound antibodies. We utilize competitive selection of immunized phage display library to isolate anti-idiotypic antibodies detecting bound antibodies exclusively: antibody-antigen complex is immobilized as selection target, competing selection with human serum, free antigen, free antibody and free control antibody.

The guided selection method allows isolation of rare specificities, such as drug target complex binders that can be used to quantify bound drug, as opposed to free drug levels. These complex-specific antibodies bind neither the antibody drug nor the drug target when on their own, and thus can be used to detect bound therapeutic antibodies directly. This sensitive tool allows the developer to design superior assays for analysis of levels of bound drug, as opposed to measure free drug only. More sensitive and more robust assays that avoid the bridging format can be built, leading to improved assays for pharmacokinetic studies.

Anti-ID antibodies’ properties:
 • Antibody-antigen complex specific
 • Not inhibitory
 • Detects bound antibody exclusively

Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies Production Service Detecting BOUND Antibodies Fig. 1 Binding mode of anti-idiotypic antibody detecting BOUND antibody. Image shows anti-ID Fab antibody in purple, antigen in red and antibody in orange. (Turner 2014)

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  1. Turner, A. (2014) 'Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies to Monitor Immune Responses', Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 34(17).

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