Anti-idiotypic Antibody Production Service Detecting T Cell Receptors

Creative Biolabs provides anti-idiotypic antibody production service detecting T cell receptors. We utilize target TCR in scFv form or using a peptide designed according to the sequences of the variable domains as target to isolate anti-idiotypic antibodies from immunized phage diplay library. Anti-idiotypic antibodies could bind to idiotypes that were epitopes present in the variable regions of the receptors of both T and B lymphocytes, and each receptor carries a set of idiotopes that defines its unique idiotype.

In 95% of T cells, this consists of an α and β chain, whereas in 5% of T cells this consists of γ and δ chains. This ratio changes during ontogeny and in diseased states. So the idiotype of each V region of a single immunoglobulin molecule may be comprised of as many as 15–20 idiotopes, which can be distinguished by monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibodies or defined by a specific and unique amino acid sequence.

Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies Production Service Detecting T Cell receptors

If variable regions of both the heavy- and light-chains contribute idiotypic determinants, the idiotype is likely to be a conformational determinant. On the other hand, individual idiotypes may be located either in the heavy- or light-chains and contained in the primary amino acid sequences of the variable regions. These idiotypes are more likely to be sequence-dependent, and linear antigenic determinants.

The hypervariable regions (also known as complementarity determining regions or CDRs) are thought to be the primary immunogenic sites within the variable region, but any part of the variable region of immunoglobulin may contribute to the structure of an idiotype. In a number of systems, the CDR3 region has been shown to be the highest contributor; however, contributions by CDR1 and CDR2 are not uncommon.

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