Monoclonal Antibody Murinization Service

Creative Biolabs is proud to be the first company that offers professional monoclonal antibody murinization service. Relying on our unparalleled expertise in antibody engineering and affinity maturation, monoclonal antibodies with a variety of species background, such as human, rabbit, rat, chicken, bovine and dog can be successfully murinized without specificity switch and significant decrease in affinity.

Frequently, human therapeutic antibodies require a mouse counterpart so its efficacy can be tested in rodent animal models. In these cases, murinization of the human antibodies is the most straightforward method to achieve this goal. Based on our extensive experience in antibody humanization, we usually select the best matching murine antibody frameworks and then perform CDR grafting, which is then followed by construction and screening of a unique phage display library with designed mutation positions. In the end, multiple "murinized" mutants with the high affinity retained can be obtained.

Monoclonal Antibody Murinization Service

After murinization, the "murinized" frameworks greatly decrease their immunogenic in mice as compared to the parental antibody or chimeric murine-human antibody, and thus made them ideal antibodies for pharmacophore studies in rodents. In addition to our unique antibody murinization service, Creative Biolabs is one of the leading companies that is specialized in custom antibody humanization service.

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