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Antibody Production against Native and Functional Membrane Proteins

Creative Biolabs offers customized native antibody production against functional membrane proteins. Our skilled PhDs, engineers and technicians have developed customized services for proteomics, cell –based and -free expression, isolation and crystallization, vectorization, as well as functional and structural assays. Aided by our MemProArt™ platform, we can perform native and functional membrane protein isolation and characterization in order to produce antibodies with much higher affinity and efficiency.

There exists a huge challenge to develop antibodies against membrane protein targets. The scientific and technological bottlenecks include difficulties in producing and isolating targets in solution. However, conventional processes affect the native state of the targets, which has a significant impact on bio-drugs, antibodies, vaccines and diagnostic applications. More than 60% of membrane proteins can be therapeutic targets, but only less than 1% have solved 3D structures. Creative Biolabs now provides a unique platform to produce functional, full-length, native, stable and highly pure membranes for antibody development.

Our native extraction approach includes:

Figure. Antibody against purified 12 TM membrane protein

We can also provide systematic and quantitative solubilization screening (with 96 well plates) followed by functional validation.

We can guarantee quality validations, including:
Standard tests (western blot, coomassie gels, silver stain, etc.)
Structural tests (flurescence, CD, DLS, NMR, ITC, TSA, MASS SPEC, etc.)
Functionality tests (specific activity, ligand binding, ELISA, SPR, Patch Clamp, etc.)

Creative Biolabs provides membrane protein services in validated applications of drug screening, antibody and vaccine development, structural biology and immunoassays.

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