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Bispecific T Cell Engager (BiTE) Antibodies

Bispecific T cell engager (BiTE) is a very special form of tandem scFv. In a BiTE molecule, one of the scFvs binds to T cells via the CD3 receptor, and the other to a tumor cell via a tumor specific molecule, which brings the T cell and cancer cell together and thus shows great potentials in cancer therapy. Typical examples are CEA-CD3 BiTE (MT111/MEDI-565), EPCAM-CD3 BiTE (MT110) and CD19-CD3 BiTE (MT103/MEDI-538).

Scientists from Creative Biolabs have successfully constructed and engineered over 10 BiTE antibodies. We also provide custom BiTE construction services. Theoretically, BiTE molecules against any tumor markers can be constructed. Besides expression and purification of BiTEs, we also conducted ELISA/FACS binding assays, cell cytotoxic and apoptosis assays.

Cat. No. Product Name scFv1 scFv2 Quantity
CBL-BiTE001-01 CEA-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-CEA scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE001-11 CEA-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-CEA scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE002-01 EPCAM-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-EPCAM scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE002-11 EPCAM-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-EPCAM scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE003-01 EGFR-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) cetuximab (Erbitux) 1mg
CBL-BiTE003-02 EGFR-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) panitumumab (Vectibix) 1mg
CBL-BiTE003-11 EGFR-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) cetuximab (Erbitux) 1mg
CBL-BiTE003-12 EGFR-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) panitumumab (Vectibix) 1mg
CBL-BiTE005-01 CD19-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-CD19 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE005-11 CD19-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-CD19 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE008-01 HER2-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) trastuzumab (Herceptin) 1mg
CBL-BiTE008-02 HER2-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) pertuzumab (Perjeta) 1mg
CBL-BiTE008-11 HER2-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) trastuzumab (Herceptin) 1mg
CBL-BiTE008-12 HER2-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) pertuzumab (Perjeta) 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-01 sTn-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-sialyl Tn (TAG72) scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-11 sTn-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-sialyl Tn (TAG72) scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-12 CD20-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-CD20 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-13 CD20-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-CD20 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-16 CD33-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-CD33 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-17 CD33-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-CD33 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-18 CD133-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-CD133 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-19 CD133-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-CD133 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-20 PSMA-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-PSMA scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-21 PSMA-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-PSMA scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-22 CD30-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-CD30 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-23 CD30-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-CD30 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-24 CD47-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-CD47 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-25 CD47-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-CD47 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-26 CD52-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-CD52 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-27 CD52-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-CD52 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-28 gpA33-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-gpA33 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-29 gpA33-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-gpA33 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-30 TAG-72-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-TAG-72 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-31 TAG-72-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-TAG-72 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-32 Mucin-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-Mucin scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-33 Mucin-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-Mucin scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-34 CIX-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-CIX scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-35 CIX-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-CIX scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-36 PSMA-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-PSMA scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-37 PSMA-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-PSMA scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-38 GD2-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-GD2 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-39 GD2-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-GD2 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-40 GD3-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-GD3 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-41 GD3-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-GD3 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-42 GM2-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-GM2 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-43 GM2-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-GM2 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-44 VEGFR-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-VEGFR scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-45 VEGFR-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-VEGFR scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-46 Integrin-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-Integrin scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-47 Integrin-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-Integrin scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-48 MET-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-MET scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-49 MET-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-MET scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-50 IGF1R-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-IGF1R scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-51 IGF1R-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-IGF1R scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-52 EPHA3-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-EPHA3 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-53 EPHA3-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-EPHA3 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-54 TRAILR1-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-TRAILR1 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-55 TRAILR1-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-TRAILR1 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-56 TRAILR2-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-TRAILR2 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-57 TRAILR2-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-TRAILR2 scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-58 RANKL-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-RANKL scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-59 RANKL-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-RANKL scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-60 FAP-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-FAP scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-61 FAP-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-FAP scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-62 Tenascin-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Original) Anti-Tenascin scFv 1mg
CBL-BiTE009-63 Tenascin-CD3 BiTE OKT3 (Revised) Anti-Tenascin scFv 1mg

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