De Novo Chicken IgYs Sequencing Service

Creative Biolabs provides excellent de novo chicken IgY sequencing service, which has been developed based on our world-leading Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology. The DASS method can be applied to both understanding natural antibody repertoires and developing synthetic antibody repertoires for antibody engineering. Our unparalleled and profound knowledge in this highly skilled research area helps accelerate your discovery and validation process in antibody engineering.

De Novo Chicken IgY Sequencing Service

Chicken IgY antibodies are the predominant serum immunoglobulins in birds, reptiles, and amphibians. In females, transfer of IgYs from serum to egg yolk confers passive immunity to embryos and neonates, which is similar to the transfer of IgGs via the placenta in female mammals conferring passive immunity to the fetuses. The molecular weight of a regular chicken IgY is ~180 kDa, with two light chains (L, 22-30 kDa) and two heavy chains (H, 60-70 kDa). Compared to traditional IgGs, chicken IgYs have higher stability with high resistance to heat, acid, and ionic strength, as well as a certain degree of resistance to enzyme degradation. A significant difference between IgYs and IgGs is that the IgY antibodies are unable to bind to bacterial Fc receptors such as the staphylococcal Protein A or streptococcal Protein G.

De Novo Chicken IgY Sequencing Service Fig. 1 Schematic comparison of the structure between the traditional IgG and Chicken IgY.

There are several advantages associated with the development and employment of chicken IgYs including better immune responses to mammalian antigens, higher affinity with persistent titer, non-invasive collection, simple isolation process with low cost, as well as high yield and scalable production. Therefore, IgYs play important roles in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a series of diseases. For instance, the anti-intestinal bacteria IgY could inhibit the growth and proliferation of E. coli and other harmful intestinal bacteria in the human intestine and enhance the elimination of these bacteria, facilitating the prevention and treatment of intestinal diseases. The enhanced immune responses of IgYs results in antibodies with improved specificity and sensitivity as compared to mammalian IgGs. Besides, higher glycosylation degree in IgYs allows higher labeling efficiency and larger labeling amount with horseradish peroxidase (HRP), alkaline phosphatase, fluorescent molecules and other tags, leading IgYs to be the ideal detection agents for a series of immunological tests.

One of the key steps during the development of chicken IgYs for biomedical and biochemical applications is to determine the actual sequence of the IgY proteins. Based on the most advanced DASS technology, Creative Biolabs provides precise de novo chicken IgY sequencing service with 100% coverage and high reliability. Whatever your application, our de novo sequencing result is one that you can rely on.

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