De Novo Rodent Antibody Sequencing Service

Scientists from Creative Biolabs have developed Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology, which provides de novo rodent antibody sequencing service. Our de novo rodent antibody sequencing utilizes computational approaches to deduce the sequence or partial sequence of rat antibodies directly from the experimental MS/MS spectra. Usually, 20-70 different MS/MS spectra are generated for each amino acid (AA) position of the antibody. This ensures 100% coverage and accuracy of the whole antibody in the meanwhile.

De Novo Rodent Antibody Sequencing Service

Rodent is one of predominant animal hosts for monoclonal antibody production. It is also an occasional host for polyclonal antibody generation. Different rodent strains have been used to generate monoclonal antibodies. Rodent is widely used for antibody immunization. Thousands of antibodies against rodent genes are available. Ever since the emergence of monoclonal antibody technologies, murine monoclonal antibodies have been hailed as the ‘Magic Bullet’, which promote the studies on a series of human diseases.

De Novo Rodent Antibody Sequencing Service Fig. 1 Schematic illustration of the production of murine monoclonal antibodies taking advantages of the hybridoma technologies.

There have been many species of rodents used for the production of monoclonal antibodies taking advantages of hybridoma technologies. Among diverse species of rodent animals, the rat is especially suitable for the production of IgG antibodies with adaptive immunity to mouse proteins and is the first choice for the production of IgE antibodies. Also, compared with mouse hybridomas, the rat hybridomas have many advantages:

Besides, the phylogenetic distance between mouse and hamster (or cavy) is much larger than that between mouse and rat. Therefore, hamsters and cavies are also suitable for the production of anti-mouse protein antibodies. So far, thousands of murine monoclonal antibodies have been generated using hybridoma technologies, providing valuable tools for biological and biomedical clinical research and diagnosis.

Creative Biolabs has an excellent database for rodent as we have extracted all sequences from IMGT and NCBI. Our algorithm of the DASS technology is superior in assembling overlapping peptide puzzle blocks with the imperfect database. We have successfully sequenced dozens of rat, mouse, and hamster antibodies. We guarantee the 100% accuracy of antibody sequencing for all murine species, including rats, mice, and hamsters.

Please find more general features of our DASS technology in de novo antibody sequencing service, or directly inquiry us for more details.

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