Episome-based Eukaryotic Expression (EBEE) Technique

Creative Biolabs offers world-leading membrane protein expression service by the development of Episome-Based Eukaryotic Expression™ (EBEE™) technique.

EBEE is a distinguished technology that combines the advantage of transient expression and stable cell line for high efficient protein expression. The EBEE platform includes well designed episomal plasmids and genetically modified cell lines based on HEK293, CHO and U2OS. EBEE enables the stable replication and maintenance of episomal plasmid bearing target protein sequence for several months, and continuous expression of target protein for several weeks.

EBEE technique has several attractive advantages: it greatly accelerates the screening process for its build-in antibiotic resistance gene; it is easy to switch from amplification to production for its well-designed promoter system; it could achieve high yield for its suspension cell culture system; it provides the whole series of eukaryotic post-translational modification, maintaining the native conformation and bio-activity of target protein. EBEE is suitable for expression of both membrane and soluble proteins, antibodies, virus-like particles, for construction of cell banks, for development of protein translocation assay and other cell-based assay.

Thanks to our elite scientists, Creative Biolabs could make your protein research more convenient and efficient with Episome-Based Eukaryotic Expression™ (EBEE™) technique.

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