Epitope Binning by ProteOn Platform

A bin is related to one epitope of an antigen and can be considered as the antibodies’ footprints on the antigen’s surface. For epitope binning measurements, Creative Biolabs has extensive experience with ProteOn protein interaction array system. In particular, we are capable of epitope binning a large variety of antibody forms even in crude samples.

Creative Biolabs provides Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) services based on our unique ProteOn protein interaction array system. The ProteOn platform creates a six-by-six crisscrossing interaction array via six parallel injections over a sensor chip that swivels 90º from the direction of ligand to analyte. Thus, six analytes flow over six strips where spots that contain ligand (reaction spots) alternate with those that do not (interspots) for a total of 36 interaction surfaces and 42 reference surfaces.

Classical sandwich assay on the ProteOn Fig. 1 Classical sandwich assay on the ProteOn. (Abdiche et al. 2009)


  1. Abdiche, Y. N., Malashock, D. S., Pinkerton, A. and Pons, J. (2009) 'Exploring blocking assays using Octet, ProteOn, and Biacore biosensors', Analytical biochemistry, 386(2), 172-180.

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