Evolutionary Strategies for Protein Engineering

Creative Biolabs offers customers evolutionary strategies for protein engineering, including library design, statistical assessment of library quality, DNA shuffling and different selection strategies.

Evolutionary strategies for protein engineering refer to the modification of protein characteristics by directed evolution techniques. In contrast to rational design, these strategies do not require prior structural knowledge of a protein. There are, however, three determining factors for such strategies: the design and quality of a library, the choice of the method for evolution and/or DNA recombination, and the selection or screening method. Correspondingly, our services include library design and statistical assessment of its quality, different DNA shuffling methods and selection strategies. These strategies have been successfully used in the evolution studies of various protein characteristics, such as protein folding, thermo-stability and enzyme activity.


Illustration of protein engineering strategies Figure 1. Illustration of protein engineering strategies. Selection of a particular engineering method should be on the basis of the structural and mechanistic information and the feasibility of a high-throughput screening (HTS) system for screening or selection. (Raushan Kumar Singh et al., 2013)


  1. Raushan Kumar Singh, Manish Kumar Tiwari, Ranjitha Singh and Jung-Kul Lee. From Protein Engineering to Immobilization: Promising Strategies for the Upgrade of Industrial Enzymes. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2013, 14, 1232-1277

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