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Featured Conjugation Services

Creative Biolabs has established a comprehensive and state-of-the-art technical platform for proficient and fast-delivery conjugation services. With over a decade rich experience in novel therapeutic antibody/protein development, we provide personalized solutions for joining different biomolecules through either chemical or biological approached to form a novel complex. Some of our most popular conjugation and featured services include antibody/protein conjugation, immunogen conjugation, biotinylation, Fab PEGylation, isotopic labeling, enzyme-antibody, hapten and antibody-fluorescent dye conjugations.

Featured Conjugation Services

• Bioconjugation in the study of protein
  interactions, and vaccine development
• Immunogen preparation
• Fab PEGylation
• Isotopic labeling
• Enzyme-antibody conjugation
• Antibody-Fluorescent Dye labeling
• Hapten conjugation

With our rich experience and deep expertise in custom conjugation services, we offer elegant strategies for conjugating between two or several molecules. Some of our featured and hot services are listed in the figure here.

With our systematic management system and solid technical platform, we can address challenging conjugation tasks for you. To reach our conjugation experts, please contact us at

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday. Contact Us

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