Guinea Pig Hybridoma Production

Creative Biolabs makes  breakthrough in guinea pig monoclonal antibody production service via hybridoma technology. Contrary to the disappointing rabbit hybridoma technology which has generally indicated low stability and productivity, our cutting edge guinea pig hybridoma technique exploits a novel source of outbreeding non-murine immune repertoire with stable productivity.

Guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), which is suggested as domesticated descendants of a closely related species of cavy, is a kind of rodent that do not exist naturally in the wild. It is one of the earliest species that have been applied in the field of research and investigation for more than 200 years. While, since the genetic research of guinea pig has fallen behind during the early 20th century, it becomes less popular than mice and rats in a variety of researches. But guinea pig is still an ideal source to generate antibodies for extreme allergic reactions or anaphylaxis researches, and also be treated as an important model for the study of various infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and diphtheria.

With the development of guinea pig genome sequencing, this species seems to restore its attraction as a novel source of monoclonal antibody. Guinea pigs are more sensitive rodents and their immunological genes are more similar to human than that of the mice. Meanwhile, the phylogeny of guinea pig is far from murine which enables it to recognize target proteins that are highly conserved among mouse, rat, rabbit and human, or the proteins be recognized as self-antigen by murine. Additionally, for some small targets, such as antibiotics or toxins, that may fail to trigger an immune response in mice, rats or human, guinea pig can be an alternative besides the choice of rabbit and sheep. According to these properties, guinea pigs are considered with huge potential to generate novel target-specific monoclonal antibodies for a series of researches and therapeutic studies.

As a well-recognized expert in antibody research, Creative Biolabs can proudly offer the unique guinea pig hybridoma technology to generate monoclonal guinea pig antibodies. Through fusing with our specific myeloma as partner, guinea pig hybridoma can be developed with excellent stability and productivity. Our scientists are confident in developing guinea pig hybridoma that producing monoclonal antibody with high affinity and specificity.

Guinea Pig Hybridoma Production

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