Hybridoma Generation in Gene Inactivated Mice

Scientists in Creative Biolabs are pleased to introduce our state-of-the-art proprietary technology of hybridoma generation against autologous proteins. In general, self-antigens or homologous proteins with conserved domains among species had always been ‘‘problematic’’ antigens for hybridoma generation due to poor or no immune response. The immunization of ‘‘knock-out’’ mice was an effective way to overcome the problem of inter-species sequence similarity in antibody production.

Our staff scientists at Creative Animodel, our sister division that pioneers transgenic animal fields, have extensive experience in construction of knock-out mice with the antigen gene constitutively deleted, thus the expression of the target protein is abolished in embryonic stem cells as well as adult mice. By immunization of these gene-inactivated mice, hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies against the “knocked-out” protein and conserved domains across species can be achieved.

From: Nature Chemical Biology 4, 326 - 329 (2008)

This unique strategy has been successfully demonstrated in many projects, with which we have produced and characterized a wide variety of murine monoclonal antibodies raised against murine self-antigens and proteins with conversed domains. The gene-inactivated mice usually showed very strong immune response to recombinant antigens from various sources and even denatured antigens, through which monoclonal antibodies with excellent performance are obtained.

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