In vivo Phage Display for Human Synovium Targeting

Creative Biolabs offers an exclusive in vivo phage display platform for clients to identify homing peptides specific for human synovium. These peptides could be used as targeting devices for delivering therapeutic/diagnostic agents to human joints. This innovative platform combines the in vivo biopanning method with a human/SCID mouse transplantation model. Our scientists are aimed to provide a reliable and specific selection system to fit very unique research objectives from our global customers.

Synovium, also known as synovial membrane or stratum synovial, is soft tissue found between the joint capsule and the joint cavity of synovial joints. One common disease relates to synovium is the rheumatoid arthritis (RA). RA can be recognized by the proliferative synovitis which is involved in cartilage and bone damage and then resulting in progressive joint destruction. The present study suggests the synovial micro vascular endothelium (MVE) are mainly involved in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). During the chronic phase of RA synovitis, synovial MVE plays an important role to let inflammatory cells from the bloodstream enter to the joint. Thereby, synovial MVE seems to be an ideal therapeutic target for the development of joint-specific drug. Fortunately, the novel in vivo phage display technology is now available from Creative Biolabs to select synovial MVE-specific peptides. The drugs based on these peptides can better recognize in vivo synovial MVE and are expected to increase efficacy while decrease the possible systemic toxicity.

Creative Biolabs has developed a novel platform to target human tissues and transplant into SCID mice directly for in vivo phage display selection. Through this platform, it is available to select and identify numerous homing peptides from human synovial MVE with in vivo molecular structure and functional state. In this way, a batch of synovial MVE-specific peptides with high specificity can be obtained and are possible to be developed as a specific delivery system for therapeutic or diagnostic agents. If succeed, this system may possess considerable potential for impacting the treatment of arthritic conditions.

Creative Biolabs is the only company which offers the one-stop custom services for identifying human tissue homing peptides. With years of phage display experiences in the field of organ-specific endothelium targeting, our technical scientists are confident in providing our customers with a first-class service to meet their research requirements.

In vivo Phage Display for Human Synovium Targeting Fig. 1 Schematic representation of in vivo phage display. (Svensen et al. 2012)


  1. Svensen, N., Walton, J. G. and Bradley, M. (2012) 'Peptides for cell-selective drug delivery', Trends in pharmacological sciences, 33(4), 186-192.

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