Large-scale Fermentation

Creative Biolabs can supply you the services on bio-manufacturing with traditional or novel bioreactors, both of them are certificated and licensed. A novel but certified bioreactor improves the traditional ones through oxygen transfer method. The new designed bioreactor can eliminate the blades which are caused by rotating blades and air sparging, and it can attract oxygen from ambient air efficiently. After process development, large scale fermentation or called cGMP manufacturing will be involved.

 Large-Scale Fermentation

Creative Biolabsstaff scientists will transmit the process which is validated from the first Feasibility Study step to cGMP manufacturing staff and QC in a collaborative manner. The process development is the key for filing FDA IND CMC part. The manufacturing process will not be changed when clinical trials initiate.

Our validated equipment is designed by highly reputable suppliers, and the suites with full flexibility and quality are engineered by our team to achieve our shared objectives, and that ensures us a consistent and in-controlled operation.

We can offer the cGMP production services including:

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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