MPAT™ Multi-spanner Antibody Technology

Given the importance of membrane protein targets (multi-spanner), private and academic laboratories have tried numerous approaches to raise antibodies against them. The most common way of generating these antibodies is immunization with whole cells over-expressing the target protein. This allows membrane protein targets to be displayed in their native conformation without mechanical or detergent disruption. Typically, stable murine cells expressing a human membrane protein are used to immunize mice. Using this approach, a number of antibodies against highly expressing membrane proteins have been developed. Transiently-transfected cells, membrane preparations, and cells selected for the highest expression levels have been used to improve this approach, with varying degrees of success. However, for many important membrane protein targets the ability of cell-based immunogens to elicit high-quality antibodies has been limited by low membrane-protein expression, the abundance of non-specific proteins, and target protein toxicity during cell line selection.

The other classic approach is to design peptide antigens derived from the extracellular loops for antibody production. Unfortunately, these peptide antigens could not fold in correct tertiary structures as within multi-spanner, thus they are not good for making conformational antibody against multi-spanners.

The overcome this hurdle, we have developed MPAT™ platform (MPAT=Membrane Protein Antibody Technology)

Immunogen Native
Purified Protein - +++ +++
Reconstituted Protein in
+/- +++ +++

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