Magic™ Antibody Repertoire Analysis

Creative Biolabs offers our clients an amazing high-throughput sequencing and protein expression platform to analyze antibody repertoires for full length natively paired antibodies. Our platform integrates next generation sequencing (NGS) and bioinformatics in parallel, which can sequence the diverse antibody repertoire at a rate of millions of clones per hour. It can be applied to enhance the understanding of immunology and to revolute the traditional drug discovery process to meet unmet clinical needs of infectious diseases, immune dysregulation and cancer.

Antibodies have important roles in protective and pathogenic immune responses. They are major components of the potent adaptive immune system. In response to microbial infection, autoimmune disease, cancer or vaccination, the immune system generates a diverse antibodies repertoire, which is continuously shaped by exposure to exogenous antigens and endogenous host factors. Analysis of these antibody repertoires, particularly those contributing to functional immune responses, can provide important information on protective and pathogenic immunity, meanwhile they also furnish insights into the underlying mechanisms of disease. Furthermore, in infectious diseases, there is growing interest in isolating and characterizing antibodies that could be developed as novel therapeutic agents or vaccines due to the antibody response.

Existing mechanisms for antibody diversification can yield an astronomical number of possible antibodies (in theory, over 1013 in humans). It is completely impractical to analyze such a diverse repertoire using traditional Sanger sequencing. Whereas the development of high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies enables large-scale characterization of functional antibodies and allowed us to determine antibody gene repertoires at an unprecedented depth.

Creative Biolabs offers a high-throughput Magic™ platform for large scale sequencing of antibody repertoires using NGS combined with other techniques, such as expression and isolation of antigen-specific antibodies, and proteomic analyses of antibodies in blood or secretions. This powerful platform can provide a high-fidelity analysis of the full-length paired heavy- and light-chains expressed by individual B cells, which is critical for characterizing functional antibody repertoires. In addition, through bioinformatics identification of clonal antibody families and recombinant expression of representative members, we can produce recombinant antibodies that can be used to identify the antigen targets of functional immune responses and to investigate the mechanisms of their protective or pathogenic functions.

Our unique platform can help elucidate the properties of antibodies that mediate protection against infectious diseases or, alternatively, that mediate autoimmune responses. Furthermore, this platform can be applied to advance our understanding of immunology and identify antibodies of therapeutic, diagnostic or mechanistic relevant to infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Creative Biolabs has rich experience in the field of antibody repertoire analysis. We are confident to provide top-quality service to facilitate therapeutic antibody development.

Magic™ Antibody Repertoire Analysis Fig. 1 Methods for high-throughput sequencing of the Ig sequence repertoire. (Georgiou et al. 2014)


  1. Georgiou, G., Ippolito, G. C., Beausang, J., Busse, C. E., Wardemann, H. and Quake, S. R. (2014) 'The promise and challenge of high-throughput sequencing of the antibody repertoire', Nature biotechnology, 32(2), 158-168.

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