Magic™ Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Service

As a pioneer and undisputed global leader in antibody discovery and manufacture, Creative Biolabs offers Magic™ Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Platform (MTADP) to obtain all possible high affinity antibodies in the immunized animals. MTADP is an exclusive high-throughput antibody generation method, especially applicable for therapeutic antibody development with the best manufacturability.

For diagnostic and therapeutic antibody production, the only way to get good antibodies with all required properties is to have a large number of antibody candidates first. It is very common that a good antibody [pair] can only be discovered from 100-300 regular binders raised using different methods in different animals, thus have very diverse properties and sequences. However, the traditional hybridoma technology can not do this job efficiently and cost-effectively.

MTADP is all about time to results: The more antibodies you can get from the screening, the more-and more reliable-functional antibodies you can send for downstream assessment. Comparing to traditional antibody development using hybridoma, which can only provide several unique antibody sequences for each target, MTADP is more efficient and more promising for functional therapeutic antibody development. Through this powerful platform, a large number of antibody candidates specific for the target can be isolated at one time, in a number of 105-7. Once antibodies targeting different epitopes with different affinity and specificity are obtained, we are able to fast and precisely identify the clones with the highest affinity and specificity. In combination of our high quality pre-made human antibody libraries, up to 300 unique high specific antibodies with affinities (KD) in the sub 10 pM range against the target are able to discovered using this exclusive platform. In addition, these antibodies have the best manufacturability for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, overcoming the potential problems of antibody drug development, such as antibody aggregation, asparagine deamidation and so on. We guarantee generated endotoxin free antibodies are fully functional and ready to use in animal-based assays and clinical trials.

Featured properties of MTADP service:
Deliverables: Up to 300 unique final clones. Deliverables for each clone include:

Enriched experience associated with state-of-the-art facilities, Creative Biolabs offers top-quality service as well as antibodies to facilitate therapeutic antibody development.

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