Magic™ Membrane Protein Reconstitution in Liposomes

Creative Biolabs now provides the custom service in the reconstitution of membrane proteins into liposomes. With a lipid bilayer structure, liposomes are a proper system to mimic cell membranes in many cases. Reconstitution of membrane proteins into liposomes, which forms proteoliposomes, can keep membrane proteins correctly folded with their native structures, activities, and functions, and thus can be widely used in

Reconstitution of membrane proteins into liposomes is never an easy task to accomplish, mainly due to the high propensity for membrane proteins to aggregate and the difficulty in the preparation of stable, homogeneous proteoliposomes in desired size. However, scientists in Creative Biolabs have rich knowledge and decades of experience in performing experiments in this particular area. We are professional in proteoliposome preparation from various starting materials, such as intact cells, membrane crude extracts, and membrane proteins already solubilized or reconstituted in micelles, bicelles, nanodiscs, amphipols or other liposomes. For the preparation of your proteoliposomes, our high-quality, customer-oriented service guarantees:

Proteoliposomes can be prepared using both the detergent-assisted and detergent-free protocols at Creative Biolabs.

For the detergent-assisted preparation, we can perform comprehensive detergent screening platform with more than 100 different detergents to select the one that does not cause unfolding, destabilization, aggregation or conformational change of the target membrane proteins. After using detergents to solubilize membrane proteins, the detergent components will be removed and a serial of lipids will be added. Membrane proteins prepared from both cell-based protein expression and cell-free protein expression can be used in this method.

The flow chart of our custom service in the Magic™ membrane protein reconstitution in liposomes Figure 1. The flow chart of our custom service in the Magic™ membrane protein reconstitution in liposomes.

For the detergent-free preparation, membrane proteins prepared from cell-free expression systems can be used. Since detergents may be deleterious for some membrane proteins, use of detergents should be avoided in the preparation, purification, characterization, and application of these membrane proteins. In this case, our detergent-free method will have the advantage in preparing proteoliposomes with membrane proteins stabilized in their native-like folding, conformation, oligomeric state, function, and activity. For this method, please refer to our custom service of cell-free membrane protein expression into liposomes.

Based on our lipid screening platform, a large variety of lipids either synthesized or extracted from natural sources are available in Creative Biolabs. We can also dope the proteoliposomes with proper types and fractions of charged lipids, modified lipids and/or other additives like cholesterols in order to stabilize the proteoliposomes and/or maximally keep the membrane proteins’ function in their native form. For long-term storage, we also provide the lyophilization service to preserve the functionality of your proteoliposomes.

A schematic procedure of our preparation and purification of proteoliposomes. Figure 2. A schematic procedure of our preparation and purification of proteoliposomes. (Simeonov, et al. 2013)

Proteoliposomes prepared by our scientists can have a wide range of applications including but not limited to

In terms of our unparalleled technologies and years of expertise in research and development of biological and biochemical products, Creative Biolabs will greatly facilitate your project success. Our custom service in the reconstitution of membrane proteins into liposomes will provide you high-quality proteoliposomes that are most suitable for your goals. As an alternative, you can also choose our professional custom services in membrane protein solubilization/reconstitution in micelles, nanodiscs or amphipols. Please feel free to inquire us for a detailed quote.


  1. Simeonov, P.; et al. "Membrane protein reconstitution into liposomes guided by dual-color fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy." Biophys Chem. 2013, 184: 37-43.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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