Monoclonal Monkey (NHP) Antibody Production

Monoclonal Monkey (NHP) Antibody Production

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider of immune antibody development. Our advanced phage display technology facilitates the generation of high-quality monoclonal antibodies. Non-human primates (NHP) (commonly known as monkey) is a superior source for generating antibodies by the immune library. We provide one-stop NHP-based antibody development service, from monkey immunization, antibody library construction and screening to humanization.

NHP immunization has been proved to be a successful approach for generating human-like antibody fragments. After the isolation of antibodies from the NHP immune library, the germline humanization could be applied to increase the similarity of the framework regions of the selected Fabs or scFvs to those encoded by human germline genes. Some research suggests that the converted full-length IgGs showed better tolerance in clinical use than human antibodies. Creative Biolabs has developed an optimized two-step NHP-based antibody generation strategy, which could overcome the disadvantages of the original human antibodies or antibodies selected from synthetic libraries.

Why is an NHP immune library preferred?
In terms of the adaptive immune system, antibodies generated from immune libraries could acquire higher affinity and specificity than that from either naïve libraries or synthetic libraries. In humans, there are more than five mechanisms bring the diversity to the IgG repertoire. However, immunizing human has ethical and practical difficulties. On the other hand, using NHP for immunization could overcome these obstacles while harvesting the potency of immune libraries. Thus, NHP becomes a great alternative resource of human-like antibody generation.

The NHP antibodies have human-like characteristics used in certain therapeutic applications make them superior to any other experimental animals. There are different types of research have proved that the immunoglobulin gene of monkeys is quite close to human’s. The antibodies isolated from NHP immune library have the affinity range from nanomolar to picomolar. This unique property has raised great interest of researchers to target various regions of the immunogen and discover the neutralizing epitopes for signaling or new activities.

In addition, an immune library has an adequate size and diversity, which provides higher possibilities to target any particular region of an immunogen compared to the hybridomas, or even naïve libraries that only contain a small proportion of good binders. Furthermore, antibodies selected from NHP immune library do not have cross-reactivity with human proteins, therefore highly desired for medical use. Moreover, the immune libraries after V(D) and J genes re-arrangement could avoid autoimmunity as they have been edited by the immune system, therefore reduce the possibilities of cross-reactivity. On the contrary, antibodies selected from the synthetic libraries could not guarantee the risk of autoimmunogenicity.

Besides monkey monoclonal antibody production service, Creative Biolabs also provides monoclonal antibodies from various types of animals, including but not limited to

Over a decade, Creative Biolabs has dedicated in phage display NHP/monkey immune library construction, screening, and other related services. We have a proven record of developing NHP based antibody with high affinity and specificity. Our highly experienced scientist could provide tailored solution according to the unique requirements of our customers’ projects.

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