Single Domain Antibody And scFv Affinity Improvement

Creative Biolabs has built a novel single domain antibody and scFv affinity improvement platform using our exclusive HIAF-ProNano™ affinity improvement technology. HIAF-ProNano™ can improve the target binding affinity of single domain antibodies and scFvs substantially by engaging of protein nanocages without changing any of the physico-chemical characteristics of single domain antibodies and scFvs. Great success has been made in improving the binding affinity of single domain antibody and scFv using our HIAF-ProNano™ platform, which infuses the features of protein nanocage with single domain antibodies and scFvs.

 Fig. 1 Schoonen and van Hest (2014).

Characteristics of HIAF-ProNanotTM
• Outstanding affinity improvement capability
• Remarkable homogeneity
• Extraordinary biocompatibility
• Self-assembling and flexible targeting ability
• Highly reproductive targeting operation
• Adjustable molecular level operation
• Multi-functionality

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  1. Schoonen, L. and van Hest, J. C. (2014) 'Functionalization of protein-based nanocages for drug delivery applications', Nanoscale, 6(13), 7124-7141.

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