Native™ Dog Antibody Discovery Service

Native™ Dog Antibody Discovery Service

Creative Biolabs provides the custom Native™ dog antibody discovery service for global clients to generate high affinity and specific native canine monoclonal antibodies.

As the oldest domesticated animals, dogs until now still play some essential roles in the human society, such as herding, blind guiding and in police patrol. However, the application of canine veterinary medicines is still lacking, especially in terms of biological therapies of monoclonal antibodies. Although using monoclonal antibodies can provide several theoretical advantages, it has not become a standard therapeutic option in the treatment of canine diseases for a variety of reasons. Currently listed antibody medicines for dogs are mainly based on caninized original antibodies which are valid but may still be immunogenic.

Luckily, a safer and high throughput technology is recently made available to producing native canine monoclonal antibodies which are extremely effective in targeting in vivo targets. Creative Biolabs currently can produce the native canine monoclonal antibody with high specificity and affinity. These native canine monoclonal antibodies are available to target plenty of diseases, including the canine lymphoma, and with lower risk of immune response. Simultaneously, the native property also endows the antibody higher possibility for further development. Consequently, this technology provides either a wide range of applications in the treatment of dog diseases or a broader possibility for canine relevant research and discovery.

Creative Biolabs has developed an exclusive Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform for generating high quality native dog monoclonal antibodies. Through this platform, which is based on the antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology, large scale of canine candidate antibodies can be isolated with in vivo native paired heavy- and light-chains, resulting in extraordinarily high specificity and affinity, better than any other traditional antibody production technology has to offer.

The additional highlight advantages including but not limited to:

Creative Biolabs is a long-term market leader in the research and development of monoclonal antibody production. During the past decade, our professional scientists have generated thousands of monoclonal antibodies of various types tailored to satisfy specific customized demands. We take pride in our capacity of providing our customers all over the world with the one-stop service, from the antigen design process, the subsequent strategies and all the way to the manufacturing of impeccable native monoclonal antibodies.

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