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Native™ Human Antibody Discovery Service

Native™ Human Antibody Discovery Service

Creative Biolabs offers an innovative custom service to produce native human monoclonal antibodies through our unique Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform.

For technical reasons, current in vitro antibody display methods cannot provide human antibodies with naturally paired heavy chain and light chain. This could potentially lead to the generation of antibody molecules that have suboptimal solubility or other biophysical characteristics. Thereby, antibodies derived from these technologies most likely do not represent the naturally cognate heavy and light chains. Furthermore, these antibodies generally have moderate affinity to the targets, often in the 1–50 nM KD range, so they often require affinity maturation to be useful as potential therapeutics.

During the past 30 years, various methods have been developed to isolate antigen-specific B cells in order to study B lymphocyte function. Because of their relatively small numbers, most of the techniques for antigen-specific B cell isolation have used antigen priming to increase the number of specific B cells. Three principal techniques have been used to isolate antigen-specific B cells. These are: capture on an antigen-coated solid matrix; rosetting with antigen-coated red blood cells or magnetic particles; staining with fluorescent antigen and isolation by flow cytometric cell sorting.

Our exclusive Native™ Antibody Discovery platform, which is based on antigen-specific B lymphocytes flow cytometry technology, can produce human monoclonal antibodies in a short period of time with natively paired heavy- and light-chains with exceptionally high in vivo specificity and affinity. As an additional advantage of this technology, it can retrieve a larger number of antibody candidates from bone marrow cells, lymph node cells or peripheral blood cells of patients with infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases or cancer. With its distinct native characteristics, the isolated native human antibodies from Creative Biolabs is destined to play a powerful role in developing human antibody medicines for diagnostic and therapeutic use.

Creative Biolabs is a long time pioneer in antibody discovery and manufacturing. Our highly professional scientists now proudly provide you native human monoclonal antibodies for both academic and industrial applications. We are confident in providing customers in the States and overseas with the best service and these unique native antibodies to assist their research and project development.

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