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Native™ Rabbit Antibody Discovery Service

Native™ Rabbit Antibody Discovery Service

Creative Biolabs offers the exclusive Native™ Antibody Discovery technology for custom development of high affinity and specific native rabbit monoclonal antibodies. Through this proprietary technology, a large scale of candidate antibodies of native antibodies can be isolated from antigen-specific B lymphocytes of immunized rabbits.

Rabbit is a kind of valuable laboratory animals for monoclonal antibody production. Rabbits can elicit strong immune response against foreign antigens and ideally working with peptide and protein antigens. Compared with mice and other rodents, which are the most commonly used host animals for monoclonal antibody production, rabbits have their own advantages. Firstly, the immune response of rabbits has wider repertoires, improved recognition capability for small-size compounds and peptides, and the ability to generate antibodies with higher binding affinity. Secondly, rabbit monoclonal antibodies displaying higher sensitivity and specificity than mouse monoclonal antibodies, in some cases this means a reduced necessity of antigen-retrieval pretreatments. In addition, they have more diverse epitope recognition results in a highly diverse suite of B-lymphocytes, which is quite valuable for antigens with weak immunogenicity or derived from rodents in particular. Ultimately, rabbit has a bigger spleen to provide an abundance of splenocytes for antibody selection. After all, more available cells will give better chances to discover desired antibodies.

To bring customers the highest quality rabbit monoclonal antibody with superior antigen recognition ability, the academic team of Creative Biolabs has developed a powerful Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform. This platform combined with the antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology and is able to isolate the entire candidate antibody pool for the extraordinary native rabbit monoclonal antibody. The major advantages that set these apart from traditional rabbit monoclonal antibodies are:

Creative Biolabs has successfully generated more than 2000 custom monoclonal antibodies over the past decade. Our experienced scientists are confident in generating antibodies that not only recognize the immunizing agent but also meet customers’ specific demand in the most satisfactory manner.

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