Oligonucleotide Bioconjugation

Creative Biolabs offers effective and efficient custom oligonucleotide bioconjugation services including oligonucleotide-protein, oligonucleotide-lipid, oligonucleotide-dye and olignonucleotide immuobilization services. DNA, RNA, siRNA, and other relatives can all serve as the components to form oligo-bioconjugates. Our custom oligonucleotide bioconjugation service has been widely applied in assay development, such as hybridization assay, FISH, ChIP assays, cellular imaging, in vivo imaging and homogenerous DNA assays.

Bases, sugars, or phosphate groups of nucleic acids possess particular sites, which can form reactive derivatives, are able to couple with a second molecule. With our mastered conjugation protocol, we can help you to conjugate any nucleic acid with proteins successfully and efficiently.


Our experts in bioconjugation chemistries can assist you from project design up to the final delivery. All custom oligo bioconjugates are manufactured under strict quality control processes, and period reports are provided. Creative Biolabs also offers service package that couple the nucleic acid conjugation with antibody development, purification, ChIP, hybridization array development or immunoassay development.

Our featured oligonucleotide bioconjugation services include, but are not limited to:

• Oligonucleotide-dye
• DNA-peptide
• RNA-peptide
• siRNA-peptide
• Oligonucleotide-antibody
• Oligonucleotide-enzyme
• Oligonucleotide-lipid
• Hapten-labeled oligo
• Oligonucleotide-carrier protein
• Biotinylated oligo
• Quencher-dye-labeled oligo
• Fluor-oligo-quencher
• Dye-oligo-dye
• Dye-primers
• Oligonucleotide immobilization

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All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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