Oligosaccharide/polysaccharide Bioconjugation

Creative Biolabs offers a comprehensive spectrum of glycoconjugation services, including the conjugation of sugar or polysaccharides to protein, lipid, nucleic acid and solid support. Through our exclusive technical platform for oligosaccharide bioconjugation, we are capable of retaining the native carbohydrate structure, which is extremely important in applications that utilize the conjugated oligosaccharide or polysaccharide in binding studies with receptors or lectins.

Glycoconjugation is widely used in vaccine development, immunogen preparation and purification. For instance, proteins with binding specificity toward the sugar sequence, such as lectin, can be isolated by immobilized saccharides, carbohydrates, or complex glycans. Conversely, immobilized lectins can be used to isolate certain carbohydrates or glycoproteins based on the specific sugars contained in the target molecule.

Monosaccharide consists functional groups ketone, aldehyde, hydroxyls, and possible additional constituents amine, carboxylate, sulfate, or phosphate groups. Therefore polysaccharides, glycoproteins and other glycoconjugates can be specifically labeled on their carbohydrate portions by creating aldehyde functionalities and subsequently derivatizing them with another molecule containing an amine or a hydrazide group. Intermediate reactive derivatives containing good leaving groups for nucleophilic substitution can also be used to activate the hydroxyl residues of polysaccharides.

With extensive experience in glycoconjugation manufacture, our experts are ready to assist our clients from the project design to the final delivery. All our custom glycoconjugation services are performed under strict quality control processes, and period reports are provided to inform our clients the latest progress. Creative Biolabs is also capable of offering our clients with one-stop full service packages, which couple the carbohydrate immunogen preparation with antibody production, or the saccharide bioconjugation with purification or assay development service.

Some of our frequently-requested saccharide bioconjugation services are listed as below:

• Glycopeptide assembly • Carbohydrate-peptide
• Carbohydrate-protein • Carbohydrate-oligonucleotide
• Drug-dextran-Antibody conjugates • Carbohydrate-carrier protein
• Carbohydrate immobilization • Dextran modification

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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