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Phagemid Vectors

Phagemids are filamentous-phage-derived vectors containing the replication origin of a plasmid. Creative Biolabs provides quality phagemid vectors for phage display and related applications.

The Original pCombs

Cat# Product Name Length Promotor Selection Tag Price
VPT4010 pComb3 vector 3350 bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4011 pComb8 vector 4029 bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price

pComb3X Set

Cat# Product Name Length Promotor Selection Tag  Price
VPT4012 pComb3X vector 3451 bp LacZ Ampicillin His6;HA  Price
VPT4013 pComb3XSS vector 4973 bp LacZ Ampicillin His6;HA  Price
VPT4014 pComb3XTT vector 4748 bp LacZ Ampicillin His6;HA  Price
VPT4015 pComb3XLambda vector 4754 bp LacZ Ampicillin His6;HA  Price
VPT4024 pCDisplay-4-EMPTY 3400bp M13;ColE Ampicillin His6;HA  Price
VPT4024s pCDisplay-4-STUFF 4750bp M13;ColE Ampicillin His6;HA  Price

pComb3H Set

Cat# Product Name Length Promotor Selection Tag Price
VPT4016 pComb3H vector 3394 bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4017 pComb3HSS vector 4916 bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4018 pComb3HTT vector 4691 bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price


Cat# Product Name Length Promotor Selection Tag Price
VPT4019 Pjf3h vector 3937 bp LAC Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4020 pIgG vector 9137 bp SV40;CMV Ampicillin;Histidinol ------ Price
VPT4021 pCDisplay-2 vector 4612bp M13;ColE Ampicillin His6;Myc Price
VPT4022 pCDisplay-3M vector 4608bp M13;ColE Ampicillin His6;Myc Price
VPT4023 pCDisplay-3 vector 4608bp M13;ColE Ampicillin His6;SV5 Price
VPT4025 pMAL-pIII Vector 6,706 bp ------ Ampicillin MBP Price
VPT4026 M13KE Phage 7,222 bp ------ ------ Other Price
VPT4027 M13mp18-RF Phage Vector 7,249 bp ------ ------ ------ Price
VPT4028 fADL-display Vector 7,982 bp ------ Kan ------ Price
VPT4029 pADL-M13 display Vector 4,990 bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4030 pADL-pIII-1 Vector 4,978 bp LacZ Ampicillin His tag Price
VPT4031 pADL-pIII-2 Vector 5,005 bp LacZ Ampicillin His tag Price
VPT4032 pADL-pIII-3 Vector 5,008 bp LacZ Ampicillin His tag Price
VPT4033 pEZZ 18-proA Vector 4,591bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4034 pSEX81 phagemid Vector 4,882 bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4035 pUC 118/119 Vectors 3,162 bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4036 pTV118N phagemid vector 3,163 bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4037 pTWV228 phagemid vector 4,039 bp ------ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4038 λCre-Blue Vector 13,253-bp LacZ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4039 λET-CLONE Vector 4,131bp ------ Ampicillin ------ Price
VPT4040 pCDisplay-m Vector 5.3kb CMV Neomycin resistance marker for stable selection in mammalian cells Ampicillin resistance gene for selection in E. coli c-Myc Epitope Tag,PDGFR Transmembrane Domain, HA Tag Price

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