Protein A Scaffold Library Construction

Creative Biolabs offers our expertise in the construction of Protein A scaffold libraries for your research and development efforts. Our Protein A scaffold library construction service features a rapid high-throughput parallel library generation platform that enables the constructed libraries with guaranteed quality while at lower cost than traditional methods. Protein A scaffold libraries from Creative Biolabs are designed to facilitate the rapid production and selection of Protein A scaffolds.

Protein A is a kind of surface protein from Staphylococcus aureus. It consists of five homologous three-α-helix bundle domains, and each of them has the protein-binding ability. While notably, Protein A domain is able to bind the heavy chain of most immunoglobulins. It is then considered to engineer Protein A domains as scaffold to develop specific target-binding molecules. In this way, Protein A scaffold is developed as a member of antibody mimetics family for a variety of applications.

Protein A scaffold is small protein molecule composes of a three-α-helix bundle from one of the Protein A domains. Based on display technology, Protein A scaffold is developed to bind to a large number of target proteins or peptides with high affinity by randomizing about 13 amino acids in two out of three α-helices to generate combinatorial libraries with a large number of ligand variants. In contrast to antibodies, Protein A scaffold lacks disulfide bridges, which can fold spontaneously and reversibly into the correct three-dimensional structures, and a typical Protein A scaffold has even smaller size (~ 7 KDa) than single domain antibody (12-15 kDa), which is the smallest type of antigen-binding antibody fragment. In addition, Protein A scaffolds have been shown various robust physical properties, such as withstand high temperatures (90 °C), acidic (pH 2.5) and alkaline (pH 11) conditions. Therefore, Protein A scaffold can be useful in various biochemical researches, such as protein purification, enzyme inhibition, diagnostic imaging and targeted therapy, and are being developed as potential new biopharmaceutical drugs.

Creative Biolabs proprietary Hi-Affi™ phage display platform is an improved phage display technology, a method based on displaying target of interest on the surface of bacteriophage coat proteins. Compared with the original phage display technology, Hi-Affi™ phage display technology has combined the trimer codon technology and NNK methods to improve the library affinity and diversity, which ensures our scaffold libraries with 100% precise mutant and over 1010 diversity.

Creative Biolabs leads a professional team of scientists who have years of research and development experience in the field of library construction. As a customer orientated company, Creative Biolabs is committed in offering the highest quality services for our global clients. Our scientists are confident in delivering libraries that meet all required specifications from customers.

Fig. 1 Refined solution NMR structure of the Z domain of staphylococcal Protein A. (PDB ID: 1Q2N)

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