Rabbit Anti-idiotypic Antibody Production Service

Creative Biolabs offers rabbit anti-idiotypic antibody production service. We have established a world-leading platform for rabbit anti-idiotypic antibody selection, production, and engineering. Our scientists have developed high-quality rabbit anti-idiotypic antibodies against several therapeutic antibodies. We offer the development of polyclonal and monoclonal rabbit anti-idiotypic antibodies. Polyclonal antibodies from rabbits are suitable if you need a lower amount of antibodies within a short time, e. g. for pre-studies. If the antibodies shall be used in long-term studies under validated conditions, then monoclonal antibodies are preferable.

As rabbit antibodies often carry multiple glycans on the heavy chain Fc part (which cannot be removed by PNgase F), intact mass determination is a general problem for rabbit antibodies (with or without BSA). However, our sequences are of such high quality that validation by intact mass is typically not required. Also please keep in mind that rabbit antibodies have an additional SH-bridge from the VL variable region to the VC region. This SH-bridge does not exist in mouse, hamster, rat and human antibodies.

 • Fast delivery
 • Competitive price
 • Modification of antibody as required
 • High specificity and binding affinity

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All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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