Anti-rgma Antibody (MOM-18485)

Recombinant Anti-Human rgma Antibody MOM-18485 1mg Please Inquiry


  • Product Overview
  • Recombinant Mouse Antibody is specific to Human RGMA, expressed in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells(CHO)
  • Target
  • RGMA
  • Type
  • IgG
  • Species Reactivity
  • Human
  • Expression Host
  • CHO
  • Applications
  • Suitable for use in Neut, FuncS, ELISA, FC and most other immunological methods.
  • Specific Activity
  • Tested positive against native antigen.
  • Purity
  • >95.0% as determined by analysis by RP-HPLC.
  • Storage
  • Store at -20°C for long-term storage. Store at 2-8°C for up to one month. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.


  • Antigen Description
  • The Repulsive Guidance Molecule (RGM) family of proteins function as BMP co-receptors. It is hypothesized that RGM family members increase the sensitivity of cells in which they are expressed to BMP stimulation, thereby allowing these cells to respond earlier or more robustly to a low level of BMP ligand. RGM family members are an important addition to the complex array of regulatory molecules which help to generate specificity and tightly coordinate cellular responses to BMP ligands. RGM-A and RGM-B (DRAGON) are expressed in a complementary manner in the central nervous system; whilst RGM-A mediates repulsive axonal guidance and neural tube closure, DRAGON contributes to neuronal cell adhesion through homophilic interactions. RGMa also binds to the receptor neogenin and functions as a cell survival factor.
  • Synonyms
  • RGMA; RGM domain family, member A; repulsive guidance molecule A; RGM

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