Recombinant Human Erythropoietin (CRP0834)

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  • Product Overview
  • Recombinant Human EPO is expressed in CHO cells. The mature protein consists of a 165 amino acid polypeptide chain heavily glycosylated at three N-linked and O-linked glycosylation sites yielding a total molecular mass of 35-45kDa. About 40% of the fully glycosylated EPO molecule consists of carbohydrate.
  • Specificity
  • rHuEPO is fully biologically active when compared to standards. Its specific activity is ≥1.2×105 IU/mg.
  • Endotoxin
  • Less than 0.1EU/ug determined by LAL test.
  • Purity
  • ≥98% as determined by SDS-PAGE and HPLC analyses
  • Storage
  • Lyophilized rHuEPO although stable at room temperature for 3 weeks, should be stored desiccated below -18°C. Reconstituted rHuEPO aliquots should be stored at –20°C for maximal stability up to three years. Aliquot to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Reconstitution
  • It is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized rHuEPO in sterile buffer not less than 100ug/ml, which can then be further diluted to other aqueous solutions.
  • Recombinant Human Erythropoietin
    Crystal structure of EPO.Available structures: 1buy, 1cn4, 1eer


  • Antigen Description
  • Erythropoietin (EPO) is a secreted, glycosylated cytokine composed of four alpha helical bundles. The protein is found in the plasma and regulates red cell production by promoting erythroid differentiation and initiating hemoglobin synthesis. This protein also has neuroprotective activity against a variety of potential brain injuries and antiapoptotic functions in several tissue types.
  • Function
  • erythropoietin receptor binding IEA ;hormone activity IEA ;protein binding
  • Gene ID
  • 2056
  • Synonyms
  • EP; MGC138142, Epoetin, Erythropoietin Precursor; EPO-α; EPO-alpha

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