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SIAT® Naïve T Cell Proliferation Assay

Creative Biolabs provides sensitive, specific and accurate SIAT® Naïve T cell proliferation assays to assess immunogenicity, by identifying the epitope sequences that can provoke the proliferation of helper T cells, so that to induce a helper T cell immune response.

Our SIAT® Naïve T cell proliferation assay is an unique, sensitive and accurate approach for immunogenicity assessment, as it utilizes powerful flow cytometry methods, which can accurately determine the percentage of proliferating CD4+ cells and phenotype the T cell responses in details, all with significantly improved overall sensitivity.

Our SIAT® Naïve T cell proliferation assay has been developed to identify the presence or absence of potential T cell epitopes. Thus, it can be applied as a useful tool in preclinical discovery of novel peptides or proteins. It is so sensitive, that can even address the relative immunogenicity between structurally similar molecules. It has been successfully applied to help our clients to distinguish between different candidates, or generate indications for succeeding protein engineering strategies in deimmunization of a potential immunotherapeutic.

Figure 1: Principle of T cell proliferation assay (Thiel et al 2004)

As part of Creative Biolabs SIAT® Immunogenicity System, the T cell proliferation assay can be used for analysis alongside the outcome from cell-free HLA-peptide binding assays for more than 50 class II HLA alleles, for a detailed profile of the helper T cell immune response to one or more drug candidates.


  1. Thiel, A., Scheffold, A., Radbruch, A., 2004. Antigen-specific cytometry—new tools arrived! Clinic Immunology. 111, 155.

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