Simianization of Non-monkey Antibodies

Creative Biolabs has launched a novel service of Simianization of Non-monkey Antibodies.

In comparison with rodents and rabbits, monkeys (NHPs) are large animals with a genetic background closer to that of humans. Monkey versions of monoclonal antibodies are of paramount value in evaluating a therapeutic antibody in monkey (NHP) animal models. Relying on our years of experience in antibody humanization and phage display antibody library technologies, scientists of Creative Biolabs have built up a platform to covert non-monkey monoclonal antibodies into monkey antibodies, which is so called antibody simianization. This service is mainly achieved by CDR grafting followed by phage display antibody library based back mutation. Monoclonal antibodies derived from a variety of species, such as human, rabbit, chicken, mouse, rat, dog and cow, can be converted into simian antibodies using the same approach. Antibody specificity and affinity are well preserved after simianization.

Simianization-of-Non-monkey-Antibodies Fig. 1 Genotyping, immune response and preferential TCR Vβ usage of immunized Aotus monkeys. (Patarroyo et al. 2010)

Currently, Creative Biolabs is the sole resource that offers this cutting-edge service.


  1. Patarroyo, M. A., Bermúdez, A., López, C., Yepes, G. and Patarroyo, M. E. (2010) '3D analysis of the TCR/pMHCII complex formation in monkeys vaccinated with the first peptide inducing sterilizing immunity against human malaria', PLoS one, 5(3), e9771.

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